Saturday, September 12, 2009

Celtic Trinity Symbol Dishcloth

Celtic Trinity Symbol Dishcloth
By Morven Swan

You will need:
Size 4mm needles
Approx 35g of 8 ply wool
(any colour!)

Cast on 48 stitches
Rows 1/3 : {K1,P1} all the way across
Rows 2/4: {P1,K1} all the way across
Row 5/7/9: {K1P1K1P1} K40 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 6 and all even rows: {P1K1P1K1}
Row 11: {K1P1K1P1}K4, P8, K15, P8, K5 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 13: {K1P1K1P1} K2, P13, K10, P13, K2 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 15: {K1P1K1P1} K2, P16, K4, P16, K2 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 17: {K1P1K1P1} K2, P5, K6, P7, K1, P7, K6, P4, K2 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 19: {K1P1K1P1} K2, P4, K8, P13, K6, P5, K2 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 21: {K1P1K1P1} K4, P4, K9, P7, K8, P4, K4 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 23: {K1P1K1P1} K5, P5, K8, P5, K7, P5, K5
Row 25: {K1P1K1P1} K6, P6, K5, P7, K5, P5, K6 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 27: {K1P1K1P1} K7, P26, K9 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 29 : {K1P1K1P1} K9, P22, K9 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 31: {K1P1K1P1} K12, P16, K12 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 33: {K1P1K1P1} K16, P8, K16, {K1P1K1P1}
Row 35: {K1P1K1P1} K15, P4, K2, P4, K15 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 37: {K1P1K1P1} K14, P4, K4, P4, K14 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 39: {K1P1K1P1} K14, P4, K4, P4, K14 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 41: {K1P1K1P1} K14, P4, K4, P4, K14 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 43: {K1P1K1P1} K14, P4, K4, P4, K14 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 45: {K1P1K1P1} K15, P3, K4, P3, K15 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 47: {K1P1K1P1} K15, P4, K2, P4, K15 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 49: {K1P1K1P1} K16, P8, K16 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 51: {K1P1K1P1} K17, P6, K17 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 53: {K1P1K1P1} K18, P4, K18 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 55: {K1P1K1P1} K19, P2, K19 {K1P1K1P1}
Row 57/59/61: {K1P1K1P1} K40 {K1P1K1P1}
Rows 63/65: {K1P1} all the way across
Rows 63/66: {P1K1} all the way across
Cast off in pattern, weave in ends and block to puff up the stitches


  1. really a very nice pattern. exactally like i was looking for. i am on row 20 so far, it works up REALLY fast! huge bonus! i did want to let you know though, that there needs to be a little correction for rows 6 and all even rows to finish out the line with the P40 {P1,K1,P1,K1}
    i LOVE trinity knots and have done some in quilts as well as the tattoo's on my feet, so this was just what i was looking for in the way of a dishcloth pattern. thanks again-


  2. Great pattern! Really enjoyed making this.