Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moon & Stars Dishcloth

Moon & Stars Dishcloth
By Morven Swan

You will need:
Size 4mm needles
Approx 35g of 8 ply wool
(any colour!)
Cast on 48 stitches

Rows 1/3/5: k1p1 all the way across
Rows 2/4/6: p1k1 all the way across
Rows 7/9: {k1p1k1p1} k40 {k1p1k1p1}
Rows 8 & all even rows: {p1k1p1k1} p40 {p1k1p1k1}
Row 11: {k1p1k1p1} k14, p12, k14 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 13: {k1p1k1p1} K11, p17, k12 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 15: {k1p1k1p1} k9, p21, k10 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 17: {k1p1k1p1} k8, p24, k8 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 19: {k1p1k1p1} k6, p27, k7 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 21: {k1p1k1p1} k5, p29, k6 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 23: {k1p1k1p1} k4, p15, k9, p7, k5 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 25: {k1p1k1p1}k4, p13, k5, p1, k7, p6, k4 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 27: {k1p1k1p1} k3, p13, k4, p5, k6, p5, k4 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 29: {k1p1k1p1} k3, p12, k6, p3, k8, p5, k3 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 31: {k1p1k1p1} k3, p11, k6, p5, k9, p3, k3 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 33: {k1p1k1p1} k3, p10, k9, p1, k12, p2, k3 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 35: {k1p1k1p1}k3, p9, k3, p1, k20, p1, k3 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 37: {k1p1k1p1} k3, p8, k2, p5, k7, p1, k14 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 39: {k1p1k1p1} k3, p7, k4, p3, k7, p3, k13 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 41: {k1p1k1p1} k4, p6, k3, p5, k3, p9, k10 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 43: {k1p1k1p1} k4, p6, k5, p1, k6, p7, k5, p1, k4 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 45: {k1p1k1p1} k5, p5, k13, p5, k5, p5, k2 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 47: {k1p1k1p1} k6, p4, k12, p7, k5, p3, k3 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 49: {k1p1k1p1}k7, p4, k10, p9, k3, p5, k2 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 51: {k1p1k1p1} k8, p4, k12, p3, k8, p1, k4 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 53: {k1p1k1p1}k9, p4, k12, p7, k14 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 55: {k1p1k1p1} k11, p2, k27 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 57/59: {k1p1k1p1} k40 {k1p1k1p1}
Row 61/63/65: k1p1 all the way across
Row 62/64/66: p1k1 all the way across
Cast off in pattern, weave in ends and block to puff up stitches


  1. By my count, Row 43 comes out to only 47 sts. If I'm not mistaken, the lower point will be centered beneath the left-most star if that row ends with ... p7, *k6*, p1, k4 {k1p1k1p1}.

  2. Likewise, I count 54 sts on row 53. I believe the "p7" on that row should read "p1" instead.